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All India Artist Group Show of Painting, Sculpture, Art & Crafts
All India Painting Exhibition

Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation organised 'art N art' Annual Art Exhibition 2016. A Group Show of Paintings, Sculptures, Art & Crafts on 9th - 15th September 2016 at Artizen Art Gallery, 2 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi. Inaugurated by Bharat & Reshma Grover(Fashion Designers) and Mr. Devaa Prasana (Film Maker & Creative Head, PTC Punjabi). In this Art Exhibition Display 40 Artist Work in all over India

Participating Artists of 'art N art' Annual Art Exhibition 2016

Artist Ahana Sen
Ahana Sen
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Ahana Sen Painting
Artist Amrita Choudhary
Amrita Choudhary
Painting | Bihar
Artist Amrita Choudhary Painting
Artist Aniqua Nargis
Aniqua Nargis
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Aniqua Nargis Painting
Artist Ankit Raghuwanshi
Ankit Raghuwansi
Painting | Indore
Artist Ankit Raghuwanshi Painting
Artist Archana Bajaj
Archana Bajaj
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Archana Bajaj Painting
Artist Asha Sohandani
Asha Sohndani
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Asha Sohandani Painting
Artist Binoo Yadav
Binoo Yadav
Painting | Haryana
Artist Binoo Yadav Painting
Artist Kamini Jain
Kamini Jain
Painting | Ghaziabad
Artist Kamini Jain Painting
Artist Girish Chandra Vidyaratna
Girish Chandra
Painting | UP
Artist Girish Chandra Vidyaratna Painting
Artist Gopal Roy
Gopal Roy
Painting | Kolkata
Artist Gopal Roy Painting
Artist Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Harpreet Kaur Painting
Artist Kanchan Gupta
Kanchan Gupta
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Kanchan Gupta Painting
Artist Lalita
Painting | Ludhiana
Artist Lalita Painting
Artist Monica Agarwal
Monica Agarwal
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Monica Agarwal Painting
Artist Monika Yadav
Monika Yadav
Painting | Haryana
Artist Monika Yadav Painting
Artist Mukul Dhankhar
Mukul Dhankhar
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Mukul Dhankhar Painting
Artist Nidhi Goel
Nidhi Goel
Painting | Haryana
Artist Nidhi Goel Painting
Artist Poornima Bhardwaj
Poornima Bhardwaj
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Poornima Bhardwaj Painting
Artist Pranjit Deka
Pranjit Deka
Painting | Tamilnadu
Artist Pranjit Deka Painting
Artist Prasanta Deb Singha
Prasanta Deb Singha
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Prasanta Deb Singha Painting
Artist Prashanta Paul
Prashanta Paul
Painting | Chhattisgarh
Artist Prashanta Paul Painting
Artist Priyamvada Chaudhary
Priyamvada Chaudhary
Painting | Rishikesh
Artist Priyamvada Chaudhary Painting
Artist Rachana Sahu
Rachana Sahu
Painting | Chhattisgarh
Artist Rachana Sahu Painting
Artist Rashmi Singh Rathaur
Rashmi Singh Rathaur
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Rashmi Singh Rathaur Painting
Artist Ravinder Kumar
Ravinder Kumar
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Ravinder Kumar Painting
Artist Ravish Choudhary
Ravish Choudhary
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Ravish Choudhary Painting
Artist R Jyanth Kumar
R Jyanth Kumar
Painting | Kerala
Artist R Jyanth Kumar Painting
Artist Sangeeta Saini
Sangeeta Saini
Painting | Panipat
Artist Sangeeta Saini Painting
Artist Shantanu Das Gupta
Shantanu Das Gupta
Painting | Jharkhand
Artist Shantanu Das Gupta Painting
Artist Shekhar Joshi
Shekhar Joshi
Painting | HP
Artist Shekhar Joshi Painting
Artist Somdatta Mandal
Somdatta mandal
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Somdatta Mandal Painting
Artist Sonia Kaur Sachdeva
Sonia Kaur Sachdeva
Art & Craft | Ghaziabad
Artist Sonia Kaur Sachdeva Craft Work
Artist Sujata Jambhale
Sujata Jambhale
Painting | Maharastara
Artist Sujata Jambhale Painting
Artist Sumedha Dogra
Sumedha Dogra
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Sumedha Dogra Painting
Artist Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Suraj Kumar Painting
Artist Susnata Chatterjee
Susnata Chatterjee
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Susnata Chatterjee Painting
Artist Swapna Joshi
Swapna Joshi
Painting | Mumbai
Artist Swapna Joshi Painting
Artist U K Ashokvanshi
U K Ashokvanshi
Sculpture | New Delhi
Artist U K Ashokvanshi Sculpture
Artist Vandana Tomar
Vandana Tomar
Painting | UP
Artist Vandana Tomar Painting
Artist Vinita Joshi
Vinita Joshi
Painting | Indore
Artist Vinita Joshi Painting