Passion Explosion National Level Art Exhibition 2022
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5th Passion Explosion Exhibition 2022

Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation organised the '5th Passion Explosion' National Level Art Exhibition 2022. The exhibition was organized from 22nd to 24th April 2022 at Artizen Art Gallery, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, I.T.O., New Delhi. 35 artists from all over India participated in this exhibition including the nominated artists of the All India Painting Competition and All India Crafts Competition. known and respectable artist Mr.Vijender Sharma and Bollywood pop singer Mr. Shankar Sahni honored gave awards to all the participated artists in the exhibition.

Artist Abhishek Tirkey Craft Work
Artist Abhishek Tirkey
Abhishek Tirkey
Craft | Delhi
Artist Anushka Ghosh Painting
Artist Anushka Ghosh
Anushka Ghosh
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Bharti Kaushik Painting
Artist Bharti Kaushik
Bharti Kaushik
Painting | Delhi
Artist Burton Anthony Soares Craft Work
Artist Burton Anthony Soares
Burton Anthony Soares
Craft | Gujarat
Artist Charu Singla Craft Work
Artist Charu Singla
Charu Singla
Craft | Punjab
Artist Dhanish RS Painting
Artist Dhanish RS
Dhanish RS
Painting | Kerala
Artist Dr. Manoj Balyan Painting
Artist Dr. Manoj Balyan
Dr. Manoj Balyan
Painting | Delhi
Artist Garima Jain Painting
Artist Garima Jain
Garima Jain
Painting | Uttar Pradesh
Artist Jashanpreet Kaur Painting
Artist Jashanpreet Kaur
Jashanpreet Kaur
Painting | Punjab
Artist Jyotirmay Dalapati Painting
Artist Jyotirmay Dalapati
Jyotirmay Dalapati
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Lakshmi Bharti Painting
Artist Lakshmi Bharti
Lakshmi Bharti
Painting | Delhi
Artist Mahasewata Biswas Painting
Artist Mahasewata Biswas
Mahasewata Biswas
Drawing | New Delhi
Artist Megha Jain Painting
Artist Megha Jain
Megha Jain
Painting | Assam
Artist Navjot Kaur Painting
Artist Navjot Kaur
Navjot Kaur
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Neha Craft Work
Artist Neha
Craft | Haryana
Artist N Pratyush Kumar Choudhury Painting
Artist N Pratyush Kumar Choudhury
N Pratyush Kumar Choudhury
Painting | Orissa
Artist Peddada Sri Sai Durga Devi Craft Work
Artist Peddada Sri Sai Durga Devi
Peddada Sri Sai Durga Devi
Craft | Hyderabad
Artist Pooja Garg Craft Work
Artist Pooja Garg
Pooja Garg
Craft | Delhi
Artist P Rajeswari Craft Work
P Rajeswari P Rajeswari
P Rajeswari
Craft | Tamilnadu
Artist Pranaita Gusain Painting
Artist Pranaita Gusain
Pranaita Gusain
Painting | Delhi
Artist Priyanshi Agrawal Painting
Artist Priyanshi Agrawal
Priyanshi Agrawal
Drawing | Madhya Pradesh
Artist Pulak Kr Sarkar Painting
Artist Pulak Kr Sarkar
Pulak Kr Sarkar
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Rahil Ratre Painting
Artist Rahil Ratre
Rahil Ratre
Painting | Bilaspur
Artist Rajesh Rathore Painting
Artist Rajesh Rathore
Rajesh Rathore
Painting | Gaya
Artist Rajib Agarwal Painting
Artist Rajib Agarwal
Rajib Agarwal
Painting | Jharkhand
Artist Rajnarayan Santra Painting
Artist Rajnarayan Santra
Rajnarayan Santra
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Samiksha Singh Painting
Artist Samiksha Singh
Samiksha Singh
Painting | Delhi
Artist Sankar Tarafdar Painting
Artist Sankar Tarafdar
Sankar Tarafdar
Painting | West Bengal
Artist Shoaib Shamsher Craft Work
Artist Shoaib Shamsher
Shoaib Shamsher
Craft | Delhi
Artist Siddhant Painting
Artist Siddhant
Painting | Uttar Pradesh
Artist Sonu Kumar Chaurasiya Craft Work
Artist Sonu Kumar Chaurasiya
Sonu Kumar Chaurasiya
Craft | Bihar
Artist Susnata Chatterjee Painting
Artist Susnata Chatterjee
Susnata Chatterjee
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Tushar Gupta Painting
Artist Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta
Painting | New Delhi
Artist Tushar Prafulchandra Sharma Painting
Artist Tushar Prafulchandra Sharma
Tushar Prafulchandra Sharma
Painting | Maharashtra
Artist Vivek Pal Painting
Artist Vivek Pal
Vivek Pal
Painting | Delhi