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Organised by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation
National Level Art ExhibitionNational Level Art Exhibition
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5th 'Art N Art' National Level Art Exhibition 2017

Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation organised 5th 'art N art' National Level Art Exhibition 2017. A Group Show of Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Art & Craft on 18th - 24th August 2017 at Artizen Art Gallery, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, I.T.O, New Delhi. It was inaugurated by known and respectable Mr.Vijender Sharma, Renowned Artist. In this art exhibition artists from all over India participated with their art work. 52 known and amateur artist participated with full enthusiasm. The exhibition was organised by Mr.Mohit Manocha, president of Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation. Every year he takes keen interest to come up with such exhibition as he wants to provide a platform for the artists.

Participated Artists of 'art N art' Annual Art Exhibition 2017

Artist Aanchal Gumber Painting
Artist Aanchal Gumber
Aanchal Gumber
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Aanchal Nishad Painting
Artist Aanchal Nishad
Aanchal Nishad
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Ajay Kishore Nath Pandey Painting
Artist Ajay Kishore Nath Pandey
Ajay Kishore N.Pandey
Painting | Jharkhand regn
Artist Amit Kumar Painting
Artist Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Aniqua Nargis Painting
Artist Aniqua Nargis
Aniqua Nargis
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Anjan Kumar Painting
Artist Anjan Kumar
Anjan Kumar
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Bal Krishan Painting
Artist Bal Krishan
Bal Krishan
Painting | Punjab regn
Artist Binoo Yadav Painting
Artist Binoo Yadav
Binoo Yadav
Painting | Gurugram regn
Artist Damini Sachdeva Painting
Artist Damini Sachdeva
Damini Sachdeva
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Devendra Ram Dhruw Painting
Artist Devendra Ram Dhruw
Devendra Ram Dhruw
Painting | Chhattisgarh regn
Artist Dhansu Annu Singh Painting
Artist Dhansu Annu Singh
Dhansu Annu Singh
Painting | Rajasthan regn
Artist Divyansh Bhardwaj Painting
Artist Divyansh Bhardwaj
Divyansh Bhardwaj
Painting | Jharkhand regn
Artist Durga Prasad Chhabra Painting
Artist Durga Prasad Chhabra
Durga Prasad Chhabra
Painting | Rajasthan regn
Artist Gaurav Somani Painting
Artist Gaurav Somani
Gaurav Somani
Painting | Ghaziabad regn
Artist Jolly Sharma Painting
Artist Jolly Sharma
Jolly Sharma
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Juhi Bansal Painting
Artist Juhi Bansal
Juhi Bansal
Painting | Maharashtra regn
Artist Jyoti Rajput Quilling Work
Artist Jyoti Rajput
Jyoti Rajput
Art & Craft | New Delhi regn
Artist Kanchan Gupta Painting
Artist Kanchan Gupta
Kanchan Gupta
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Kartika choudhary Painting
Artist Kartika choudhary
Kartika choudhary
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Leeladhar Painting
Artist Leeladhar
Painting | Rajasthan regn
Artist Mayuri Vijay Gaikwad Painting
Artist Mayuri Vijay Gaikwad
Mayuri Vijay Gaikwad
Painting | Maharashtra regn
Artist Mithil Maheshbhai Painting
Artist Mithil Maheshbhai
Mithil Maheshbhai
Painting | Gujarat regn
Artist Mohit Manocha Digital Work
Artist Mohit Manocha
Mohit Manocha
Digital | New Delhi regn
Artist Mukul Dhankhar Painting
Artist Mukul Dhankhar
Mukul Dhankhar
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Neha Kumari Quilling Work
Artist Neha Kumari
Neha Kumari
Art & Craft | Bihar regn
Artist Neha Kujur Painting
Artist Neha Kujur
Neha Kujur
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Nitin Gupta Painting
Artist Nitin Gupta
Nitin Gupta (Murlidhar)
Painting | Kanpur regn
Artist Pankti Jain Painting
Artist Pankti Jain
Pankti Jain
Painting | Ghaziabad regn
Artist Payal Agrawal Painting
Artist Payal Agrawal
Payal Agrawal
Painting | Maharashtra regn
Artist Pooja Srivastva Painting
Artist Pooja Srivastva
Pooja Srivastva
Painting | Kanpur regn
Artist Prateek Katyal Painting
Artist Prateek Katyal
Prateek Katyal
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Puja Kumar Painting
Artist Puja Kumar
Puja Kumar
Painting | Jharkhand regn
Artist Rashmi Abhjeet Bafna Painting
Artist Rashmi Abhjeet Bafna
Rashmi Abhjeet Bafna
Painting | Maharashtra regn
Artist Ravi Kumar Painting
Artist Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar
Painting | Punjab regn
Artist Santanu Dasgupta Painting
Artist Santanu Dasgupta
Santanu Dasgupta
Painting | Jharkhand regn
Artist Shaikh Aejazuddin Painting
Artist Shaikh Aejazuddin
Shaikh Aejazuddin
Painting | Karnataka regn
Artist Shambhu Singh Chobdar Painting
Artist Shambhu Singh Chobdar
Shambhu Singh Chobdar
Painting | Rajasthan regn
Artist Shipa Grover Painting
Artist Shipa Grover
Shipa Grover
Painting | Gurugram regn
Artist Shilpi Singh Chauhan Painting
Artist Shilpi Singh Chauhan
Shilpi Singh Chauhan
Painting | Gorakhpur regn
Artist Shiny Parashar Painting
Artist Shiny Parashar
Shiny Parashar
Painting | Gurugram regn
Artist Shivangi Yadav Painting
Artist Shivangi Yadav
Shivangi Yadav
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Shruti Suman Painting
Artist Shruti Suman
Shruti Suman
Painting | Bihar regn
Photographer Shubh Dadeech Photography
Photographer Shubh Dadeech
Shubh Dadeech
Photography | New Delhi regn
Artist Somya Mohini Shukla Painting
Artist Somya Mohini Shukla
Somya Mohini Shukla
Painting | Kanpur regn
Artist Steffy Sihag Painting
Artist Steffy Sihag
Steffy Sihag
Painting | Haryana regn
Artist Suraj Kumar Painting
Artist Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar
Painting | New Delhi regn
Artist Tripti Jain Craft Work
Artist Tripti Jain
Tripti Jain
Art & Craft | New Delhi regn
Artist Umesh Kumar Sculpture
Artist Umesh Kumar
Umesh Kumar
Sculpture | New Delhi regn
Artist Vijender Sharma Painting
ArtistVijender Sharma
Vijender Sharma
Painting | New Delhi regn
Photographer Vikram Kumar Photography
Artist Vikram Kumar
Vikram Kumar
Photography | Haryana regn
Artist Yogendra Rajeshwar Sculpture Work
Artist Yogendra Rajeshwar
Yogendra Rajeshwar
Sculpture | Maharashtra regn
Inaugration Programme Closing Ceremoney