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National Level Painting Competition for Kids
All India Colour Combination Contest

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Dear All Participants, Thank You for Participating in 17th All India Colour Combination Contest 2017, Organised by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation and Himanshu Art Institute. Result will be Shown Only on www.HimanshuArtInstitute.co.in

Colours are the important facets of life which delineates human feelings. Colours add different meanings to life. Colours even change the aspect of life. So, with this motive Himanshu Art Institute is organizing 17th All India Colour Combination Contest 2017 for the school students to participate and get encouragement. This is a place where students get a chance to overcome their shyness and fear and gain confidence. It fills them with enthusiasm and energy to become assertive of their work. The participants get ample time to complete their work at home in the medium of their choice. The panel of judges would go through the work of each participant and the judgment will be decided on the basis of the colours used and not the drawing. Main focus will be on the way the colours are used and how they are combined. The participants have to use their creative mind and start painting to reach the best combination they can attain by using or mixing different colours. Here the participants have the freedom to work out on their creativity and submit the final work in the given time limit.