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How Can You Help for Poor and Needy People

As we all know that Nav Shri Art & Culture is an organisation which helps necessitous people and help them in making their life a valuable one and for that we need your support too. You can contribute by:

Art & Artist Vouchers
You can purchase Art & Artist Vouchers that NSAC Org. has offered and seize the chance to learn some art craft activities by our service providers and through them you can procure heavy discounts in your desired fields like Music, Dance, Theatre, Art & Craft Classes and gain more profit through our training vouchers.
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Product of NSAC
You can also help us by shopping the art n craft work like Quilling Art, Paper Craft, Clay Modelling, Hand-made Rakhis, Kites, Envelops, Paper Bags, Ice Cream Sticks Art prepared by unemployed people, housewives, widows, handicaps.
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Subsidize Our Events
Every Year NSAC Org. arranges some special events to exhilarate art of the artists by assembling art exhibitions, competitions, workshops etc and for that we need your support and you can contribute by financing our events by paying for banners, lights, sound, music system etc. or either you can help us by donations also.
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Sponsor a Student
It's a new way for the promotion of those poverty-stricken people, financially you can help any student and encourage him/her to achieve their goals.
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Discount Voucher Booklet
This is the another way and it is very helpful for ones own profit. This Discount Voucher Booklet is distributed free of cost in every events in minimum 2000 quantity. You can advertise your brand, company, institute providing a heavy discount to our customers which will be beneficial for you also.
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