All India Painting Competition, Story on Canvas
Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation
(Regd with Govt of N.C.T. of Delhi)
National Level Painting CompetitionNav Shri Art & Culture Organisation
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    How It Work

    How It Work

    Nav Shri Art and Culture Organisation searches talented needy people and provide them a path through which they can drill up their talent. We provide people with a proper schooling in their fields as in Music, Dance, Painting, Sketching, Photography, Sculptures, Art & Craft. NSAC Org. explores needful people by organising free art camps, workshops in schools, slums, NGOs etc. and then educating them so that to disclose artist's hidden identity.

    Projects of Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation

    Respect of Women

    As the word WOMAN stands for
    W - Working
    O - Outstanding
    M - Mother
    A - All in one
    N - Novelty

    Woman plays a vital role in our life. Sometimes she is like a mother, sometimes like a sister, a wife, a daughter, all these relations signifies the importance of woman. Earlier there was only the existence of "patriarchal society", Female Foeticide was in trend- the act of aborting a foetus because it is female. Women was treated as an object, she was like a commodity to their men. To respect a woman, a daughter, or a sister was prohibited, men realizes their insult to respect a women. But now the time is changing, our society has thrown away many ridiculous beliefs but still we can't say that women are perfectly safe. Women are accomplishing in every field and shining brightly. Our organization aims at improving and promoting the position of women in our society and in this regard Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation organises painting competition in order to raise the position of women in our society. Our organisation also arranged some Self-Defence Camps for the safety of women. And nowadays it sounds good to hear that there is no such field left without the presence of women. Our organisation focuses at maintaining the posture of women and artists performed very well in conveying our common social message to everybody – RESPECT A WOMAN BE A HUMAN

    Free Art Camps

    Nav Shri Art and Culture Organisation coordinates free art camps, creative workshops for furbishing skilful, expert, artistic people who are not financially good or not having proper schooling because of some finance issues. By arranging these camps our organisation seeks for those gifted artistic earthling souls who are born for art or either art is born for them. Through our surveys we hunt for skilful artists who are gifted with this talent in them and then promote them according to their caliber and helping them by selling their Paintings, Sculptures, Art &Craft and provide them with their profit. In other words we can conclude that our organisation provide those people with a platform and encounter them with the famous personalities so that they can earn name and fame and can make their own identity in the society.

    Art Exhibitions & Events

    "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Art is something which is free from caste, gender, race, colour, creed etc and every year our organization conduct some art exhibitions and events too in which artists from all over India participate in this. Artists display their work whether it will be a painting, a sketching, a sculpture or any art form and then through our exhibitions and events artists are rendered rostrum to popularize themselves. We provide an artist a swift network to promote their bestowed art.